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Dancer Blog: Life on tour with Michael Wood

Hey guys, so this week I wanted to talk about the perks of tour life. I’ve had the opportunity to visit some amazing places around the world with Riverdance. From Australia and New Zealand to South Africa and Hong Kong, I’ve seen more of the world than I ever thought I would. This generally makes people think life on tour is a vacation, which it isn’t. However, that doesn’t mean its all work and no play.

As you all know, the Liffey company is currently touring Europe. I’ve indescribably wanted to visit Europe my entire life. There is so much culture and history here, but most importantly, there are castles! I’m sure the sight of palaces and castles are common place to many or you reading this, but to me they’re pretty incredible. The wealth, the detail of the artistry, the gardens …the wealth… and the logistics of building them is just fascinating. So, I wanted to take a moment and show you all the majestic and magical sights we see while we’re away…not on vacation.

Wurtzburg Palace, Wurtzburg, Germany

Wurtzburg Palace, Wurtzburg, Germany

Schonbrunnen Palace, Vienna, Austria

Neuschweinstein Schloss, Schwangau, Germany

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