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Keeping Up With the Komposers

As you can imagine Germany is rich with history and being on tour here for ten weeks has allowed us ample time to sightsee. Among other things, Germany has produced many of the worlds most famous musicians and composers. With that in mind, a few of us decided to ‘Keep Up with the Komposers’ and go visit their houses and museums.

First stop on the composer tour was Mendelssohn’s house in Leipzig. Here we got to meander through his old living quarters and even see some of the original handwritten scores he composed. Our favorite part of this museum was the interactive audio visual room where we could pick a piece and try our own hand at conducting!

Nicola being a conductor

Leipzig was also home to Johann Sebastian Bach. Here we visited the museum which is across from St. Thomas Church where Bach was choir director and music teacher at its affiliated school. In the museum we saw the actual organ where he composed many of his famous works.



Also, in Salzburg Austria, we stumbled upon the birthplace of Mozart! This is the house where his family had lived from 1747-1773. Listen below to hear Mozarts’ Piano Concerto No. 21.


Stay tuned for next week when we ‘Keep Up with the Kast and Krew’ on what its like to travel the world by bus!

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