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Riverdance arrives in Singapore

Julian Erskine, Senior Executive Producer

Yesterday, 30 November was a very busy day with Riverdance in Singapore. Our crew were in early to tidy up all the technical elements of the show and everyone was busy getting ready for the Riverdance press call. Cast were in soon after noon and after an orientation call followed by rotations (a run through of the show to ensure everyone knows where they are in each number as this changes regularly), we went into our press call.

There was a big turnout of local journalists and photographers and we began with a welcome speech from Milan Rokic, our promoter representing Base Entertainments, followed by an introduction to Riverdance from yours truly. We performed 2 numbers from the show – Thunderstorm and Riverdance. There was a great reaction from the gathered press, especially to Riverdance and in fact they liked it so much they asked for the cast to perform it again!

We then did a piece for Primetime Morning breakfast TV with the presenter Suzanne Jung donning a pair of Irish dance shoes and learning a few steps from Padraic and Chloey.

As we were now behind time for our technical rehearsal, we had to go straight into our run through without a break.

It was clear from the run-through that people were tired and jet-lag was kicking in across the company but they got through it and after a notes call it was time to get ready for the opening performance.

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Photos: Michael Culme-Seymour, MCS Lifestyle Photography

December 1, 2010

esto es lo mejor riverdance es lo mejor los amo mucho son los mejores!!!!

Marie Cullen
December 1, 2010

Best thing ever to come out of Ireland!

December 3, 2010

I’m in Singapore and bought tickets to your last show on 12 Dec 2010. It’s my hubby’s birthday on that day and a treat for him (and me, for course)! 😉 Can’t wait already!

December 4, 2010

Loved Riverdance from the first time I saw it on PBS. Have all shows on VHS and DVD, and will be getting the “live from Beijing” (hope that’s spelled right!)
You guys are much loved and appreciated for sharing this with the world!

December 10, 2010

My husband and I watched Riverdance together on Tuesday.. it was fantastic! The cast and musicians are not full strength, but they were all still brilliant!

Barbara Chavez
December 24, 2010

Best thing ever to come out of Ireland!

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