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PR trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia – Day 3

Day 3: 7th June 2009

So, now it’s Sunday morning and we wait to go back to the airport and home. It’s been a very busy couple of days, but it seems to have produced the results that the promoter was hoping for, especially the girl’s performance on the TV show.

Video of Rehersals for TV Show Spet Doma

Video RTV Slovena Interview with Maria and Niamh

Video RTV Slovena Interview with Julian

Hopefully it will pay off in September with packed houses having a great time at the show and for the 3 of us it was an enchanting introduction to a country and a city and a people new to us all and we look forward to returning the compliment when we introduce Slovenia to Riverdance in 4 months time.

Riverdancers Niamh Eustace and Maria Buffini star on TV Show Spet Doma

Julian Erskine

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