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PR trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia – Day 2

Day 2: 6th June 2009

Woke very early on Saturday morning and decided to explore a bit before the days interviews began. Walked into the city centre and I was so glad I had decided to have a look around.

Ljubljana is beautiful.

A charming medieval town nestling astride the river at the base of the hill that carries the magnificent castle that looks out over the surrounding valley.

By the time I made it down from the castle the streets were filling with traders at the many open air markets and the city was filling with tourists. I would definitely recommend the early start if you really want to see Ljubljana at its best.

Back to the hotel to meet up with Maria and Niamh for the next burst of PR.

After the 3 of us doing the rounds of several TV, radio and press journalists (it was a bit like “pass the Riverdancer” at times) we had lunch with Leon and his wife Vera who presented us with gifts of local chocolates, drink and tee shirts (I’m delighted to say I got the drink and the girls got the Tee shirts).

Then it was off to the TV studio to rehearse for that evenings show. Maria and Niamh were dancing on Spet Doma the Slovenian equivalent of The Late Late show and it was a big deal for us to be featured on the most popular show in the country.

Unfortunately, as with so many TV studios, the floor proved almost impossible to dance on but with the application of some gaffer tape and the laying down of an improvised wooden floor, the rehearsal went ahead and then it was back to the hotel to await the actual performance.

Julian and Mario Galunic, TV Host

Julian Erskine

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